Indorama Iplik

Indorama Iplik produces a wide range of yarn such as polyester yarn, rayon yarn, recycled polyster yarn and its blend thereof from synthetic fibers and recycled fiber. In addition to it, also producing various other value added products such as core spun, slub, gippe and covered yarn.

Indorama Iplik has a product range from 10s to 40s count (Ne). The type of blend varies from 100 percent polyester and viscose and for each blend of polyester – viscose at 20-80 or 67-33 ratio.

The customer base includes carpet manufacturers and weavers and knitters. Poly rayon with a finer finish mixed with yarn is mainly used for men's suits and women's clothing. A blend of polyester - rayon and 100 percent viscose yarn is used for the production of t-shirts, which are exported to European markets.